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Who are we?

We are Australian's leading online supplier of high quality PE (premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction (ED) and male pattern balding medications at discounted prices.

At OzPlusED we take men's health seriously, which is why we have sourced the best quality generic medications available in India.

All our medications are made by reputable pharmaceutical companies who are licensed and regulated by the CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization) in India. The CDSCO is the Indian equivalent of the FDA in the US or the TGA in Australia, being the government regulatory body for medicines.

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Which medications can I buy?

We only offer quality generic PE (premature ejaculation), ED (erectile dysfunction) and male hair loss medications.

We currently stock the following ED medications: generic Propecia (Finasteride) for male hair loss, generic Viagra, (Sildenafil Citrate), generic Cialis, (Tadalafil) and generic Levitra, (Vardenafil), as well as generic Priligy (Dapoxetine). We also have pills that combine generic Priligy with various erectile dysfunction medications.

All medications you purchase from our website are legal and permitted in Australia.

All prescription medications should be prescribed by a doctor. Please consult your doctor for advice about any medications you intend to use.

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Why take a 'generic' medication?

Generic medications contain the same amount of active ingredient as their brand name equivalent, but may contain different excipient (non-active) ingredients such as colouring and binding agents.

Generic medications are regulated to be equally as safe to take as their brand name equivalent.

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How can I be assured of quality medications?

Our generic medications have all been approved by the CDSCO who are the government regulatory authority in India. All medications are manufactured by licensed, reputable Indian pharmaceutical companies.

All our medications are regularly subjected to monitoring and quality control checks, so that you can sure that consistent production is achieved to the highest standards of medication manufacture.

All of our generic medications are manufactured and shipped in a timely manner, with expiry dates of at least one year or longer.

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Do the generic medications adhere to standards of manufacture?

All pharmaceutical products in India must be regulated and approved by the government regulatory body for medicines, the CDSCO (under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare). Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with rules and regulations similar to those that have been established by the Australian TGA (our government regulatory authority for therapeutic goods).

The manufacturers of our medications are licensed and registered with the CDSCO in India.

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How can generic medications be less expensive?

Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic medications are not subject to the same cost pressures and do not therefore pass on the cost of researching and developing the drug to the consumer, so they are cheaper.

Our generic medications are from India and have all been manufactured legally.

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Are the instructions the same for brand medications as for generics?

The instructions for the brand name and generic medication will be the same although the wording on some medications may be slightly different.

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Are the shapes of generic medications different from brand name medications?

Generic drugs may be slightly different in their shape or their colouring from the regular medication. This does not, in any way, compromise how effective the medication will be.

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Are the generic medications regulated by government regulatory bodies?

Our generic medications comply with and are regulated by the India’s CDSCO who are the government’s regulatory authority for drugs.

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Where are the generic medications made?

Our medications are manufactured in India by reputable pharmaceutical companies, licensed and regulated by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

Ordering Online

How can I order?

To order from us, simply choose the medication that you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart. When you have made your selection, you will need to either provide a prescription from your doctor by scanning and emailing your script to

Alternatively you can complete our confidential medical questionnaire, which provides our doctor with relevant information regarding your medical condition.

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How can I send my prescription to OzPlusED online?

A current prescription from your doctor or medical centre can be used to fulfil your order. Simply scan or photograph the prescription and email it to

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What if I do not have a prescription?

If you do not have a prescription for your order, please complete our doctor's online medical questionnaire.

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What is a medical consultation and how can it be done online?

A medical consultation done online is a new way to consult. The process uses the internet, thus improving the access that patients can have to registered doctors. Online consultations can allow patients access to treatment for conditions which may not require physical examinations such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Online consultations provide alternatives to traditional medical examinations but are not a substitute for seeing a doctor in person. This is especially practical for many people living in rural or remote locations around Australia.

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What is the online process for a medical consultation?

Our licensed medical doctor will review the answers you have provided to the questions that you answered during the medical questionnaire. Your prescription is either approved or not. Approved scripts, are sent straight to the pharmacist for completion.

If further information is required by our doctor, we will contact you by email within 24 hours. Sometimes our doctor will be unable to provide you with a script. In this situation, you should consult with a doctor with whom you can engage in a face-to-face consultation in order to gain a script.

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How much will the medical consultation cost?

Our customers receive the medical consultation as a free service.

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Are medical consultations which are conducted online legal?

Medical consultations that are conducted online are legal and meet most government guidelines and regulations. We use registered, fully qualified doctors for online consultations.

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After I submit an order what happens?

When placing an order, you will be taken to a secure server where your credit or debit card information will be processed.

If your transaction is successful, we will send you an email to confirm your order.  We will notify you via email if there are any problems regarding your transaction or if it is not approved.

We do not store credit card information so your details remain confidential.

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Which credit or debit cards can I use to order?

Visa cards (both credit and debit), MasterCard, American Express and 'Load&Go' prepaid reloadable Visa cards are accepted by us.

'Load&Go' reloadable prepaid Visa cards can be purchased online or over the counter at an Australia Post shop.

When you use any Visa/MasterCard/Amex credit card for payment, your purchase is automatically guaranteed by the card provider.

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Is there another payment method I can use apart from Visa, MasterCardor American Express?

We also accept the prepaid reloadable Visa card known as a 'Load&Go' card.

'Load&Go' reloadable prepaid Visa cards can be purchased from any Australia Post Shop.


‘Load&Go’ cards make online shopping safer.

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How long does it take for my transaction to be processed?

Your card will be charged in real time as you place your order.

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If you are in Australia, why is your website in US dollars?

We are based in Australia but our international online banking partner is unable to offer us online processing in AUD.

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Is there a fee for currency conversion?

Your Australian card provider (bank) will charge approximately 3% fee for the currency conversion from AUD to USD.

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What is the likely cost?

Different banks and card providers have different set fees for converting currencies. The most common rate is 3%. That means you will pay a $3 fee for a transaction of $100 or a $1.50 fee for a transaction of $50.

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Shipping Your Order

How much is the postage and handling charge?

Orders of less than US$100 incur a postage and handling charge of US$6.50. Whereas orders of at least US$100 receive free postage and handling.

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How is the medication packed?

The medications you purchase from us are packed in tamper-proof, blister-foil packaging and will be discreetly shipped to you in a plain padded envelope.

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Does OzPlusED ship to countries outside of Australia?

No, we deliver to Australian customers only.

If you are not located in Australia, we will not be able to process your order or ship medications to any other country.

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What is the Estimated Delivery Time?

After you place your order we send an order confirmation email to you. This email confirms the details of your purchase.

Orders take 7-14 days for delivery.

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How can I be sure that my order does arrive?

We can track all orders by their individual tracking numbers, which helps to minimize orders going missing. We can also track the status of all orders, including whether they have been signed for upon collection or whether a package is at a post office awaiting collection.

Tracking your order is important because occasionally Australia Post forgets to notify a customer that a package is awaiting collection at the local post office. If an order is not collected within a week after arriving, it may be returned to the sender in India.

We guarantee the delivery your order. If for any reason your order does not reach your delivery address, we will reship your order at our expense.

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Your Online Security

Is this website secure?

To ensure the safety of your card information and to protect your confidential information, we use the latest SSL encryption technology.

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How does SSL encryption protect me?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is online security designed to transmit sensitive information securely on the worldwide web. All SSL encryptions have registered digital certification to protect your personal information.

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Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled by contacting us by email before your order has been shipped. Once an order has been shipped, it cannot be stopped.

When you request the cancellation before shipping has commenced, we will fully refund your order to the card you made the purchase with.

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Can I get a refund if I am not happy with my order?

We offer a quality guarantee for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation medications whereby if you are dissatisfied with the results you obtain from using our medications we will replace the medication or fully refund you - whichever you prefer.

We do not guarantee the results of our male hair loss medication (generic Propecia) since results are known to vary for this product.

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